Manufacturer And Exporter Of CVD / Lab-Grown Diamonds
CVD - Lab Grown Diamond
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Applied to Heavy Machineries and industries
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Applied to Heavy Machineries and industries
Technology Development and a parallel R&D Process are the two key elements for product innovation.
We believe in continual R&D while maintaining the constant production to meet the demands of the market. Hence, we have built a team of R&D experts and Mechanical Engineering Experts who strive continuously to take the technology to the next level.
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Our Story
The Journey We have been through
Creative Technologies is one of the leading manufacturer of the widest collection of Type IIa lab grown diamonds available in the market and has witnessed commendable growth since its inception in 2015.
Integrating our company’s robust infrastructure with cutting edge technology of growing diamonds we deliver high quality lab grown diamonds to our customers.
The diamonds are grown in controlled laboratory environment in a highly productive and cost-efficient manner aiming at optimum utilization of resources.
The whole set up is in-house, ranging from pre-production to production and post-production processes.
Our Vision
Knowledge-Led Growth Process-Driven Solutions Virtue-Based Action Pursuit of Perfection
Our Team
Skill and knowledge have been passed on from one generation to the next.
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CVD Diamond
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