Creative Technologies
Creative Technologies is one of the leading manufacturer of the widest collection of Type IIa lab grown diamonds available in the market and has witnessed commendable growth since its inception in 2015.
Integrating our company’s robust infrastructure with cutting edge technology of growing diamonds we deliver high quality lab grown diamonds to our customers.
The diamonds are grown in controlled laboratory environment in a highly productive and cost-efficient manner aiming at optimum utilization of resources.
The whole set up is in-house, ranging from pre-production to production and post-production processes.
Creative Trendz Pvt Ltd
Creative Trendz, a name that has become synonymous with exclusive & exquisite embroidery. Ever since its inception, Creative Trendz has carved an identity for itself as a trend-setter with a focus on creating niche products. Every creation is crafted intricately, catering to customer requirements. In tune with the latest trends, the products are designed to have a truly international appeal.
Creative Polyfilms Ltd
In 2006, we entered the emerging polyfilms industry and began to provide a wide variety of products, ranging from Metalised Film, Lacquered Film, Metallic Yarn, Glitter Foil Powder, Imitation Jari, Holographic Film, Hot Stamping Foil, Hot Melt Film.
Equipped with full-fledged in-house machinery including the testing laboratory, to keep a strict watch on the process control as well as testing the finished products.
Hospitality Industry
The group is involved in hospitality industry.
We have recently partnered with The Hilton Group as Unity Holidays for upcoming hotel project based in Surat.